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Our advisors have over 40 years experience as financial advisors, mediators and forensic accountants, helping individuals, businesses and attorneys on their accounting, tax and litigation matters. Our principals have been hired by Fortune 500 companies to help them identify losses, disclose business value and safeguard their assets. In fact, we are so well-respected that we were hired by our state’s CPA Society to teach our peers how to interview suspects and how to detect possible fraud. Further, our litigation principal has been hired by several governmental bodies to audit units of the government and identify any misconduct or mismanagement of funds. We unlock the mystery behind the numbers, and that is invaluable to our clients.

As one of the most skilled financial mediators and financial neutrals in collaborative practives in Illinois, our team ensures your family has considered all necessary factors to maximize family monies and minimize negative consequences, now and into the future.

Our Advisors

Respected by both our clients and our peers, we have been invited to present and teach other professionals advanced skills and best practices


Our Services

Mediation & Collaboration
Negotiations in Complex Cases
Marital Dissolution Financial Services
Complex Financial Modeling
Forensic Accounting Services
Financial Fraud Investigations
Business Valuations
Deposition Preparation Assistance
Expert Report Review and Rebuttal
Expert Testimony
Commercial Litigation Damage Analysis

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