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Chris' participation on the Financial Panel: Know Your Finances - Beyond The Basics was extremely well received, with some nice comments and evaluation scores!  Many women felt her panel shared some good information and straight forward advice.  One person wrote: "Probably BEST of the day for me - amazing information that really made me think."
-The Lilac Tree

Christiana Zouzias came into a high growth situation, which required better accounting controls, reporting and processes to handle the increased accounting activity.  She revamped the entire accounts payable, financial reporting, and accounts receivable systems by working with a variety of levels within the organization, from clerks right up to the CEO.  

What struck me most about Chris were her strong communication skills. She has the ability to adjust her style and handle every interaction situation with confidence, poise and effectiveness. 

She was able to establish systems that were cost-effective and practical, improving our processes and financial reporting.  She not only tightened internal controls, which helped prevent/detect fraud, but also improved communications within the company and departments. As a result, we were able to improve our bottom line and our ability to manage cash. 

Not surprising, Chris was a real team player, and through her leadership was able to motivate employees to excel in their jobs. She also was able to maintain a positive work environment…  

Provider of Software Solutions and Products to the Automobile Claims Industry, Treasurer

Christiana was very professional, paid attention to detail and communicated very well.   Her financial fraud investigation, findings, and report made it easier to recover our losses from the insurance company, the fraudster, and the external auditors.   

Her team identified the potential negligence of the external auditors.  The investigation discoveries and interviews resulted in a recovery from the outside accounting firm of $500,000, settled without litigation and out of court. 

Christiana’s thorough, accurate, and well-documented investigation enabled our recovery of full policy limits of $1,000,000 from our insurance company on a timely basis and with relative ease.   

The previous controller/embezzler spent time in jail and also repaid $750,000 to our company.  Lastly, as a result of her work, we saved a great deal of money on future audit expenditures from agencies governing our company’s industry.  These governing bodies relied on her findings and report rather than re-perform the work, saving us thousands of dollars in audit fees and restoring our reputation. 

Results of Fraud Investigation at Large Gaming Facility, Controller


One of our clients, a large equipment manufacturer that also provides financing to its customers for significant equipment purchases was concerned.  It suspected that one of its key employees might have a conflict of interest that required further inquiry.  

It was immediately apparent to me that my client was in need of the services of a top-line investigator.  Because the client was a subsidiary of a foreign parent corporation, it was important that the investigator be sensitive to the cultural dynamic of the client’s business.  In less than a day, Christiana and her team strategically planned the investigation, taking into account both the conservative nature of the client and the need to act quickly and assertively. They promptly thereafter identified the fraud and its paper trail via sophisticated computer investigation and interviews of key witnesses. 

Through their efforts, sufficient and critical evidence was gathered that proved to be essential in recovering assets.  Their thorough, well-planned investigation served as the catalyst for the fraudfeasor coming up with the funds to compensate our client for its significant losses.  Thanks to Christiana and her team, our client was able to solve its business problem without having to resort to potentially embarrassing and expensive litigation. 

Equally impressive was the manner in which this delicate situation was handled.  The investigation team accomplished all of this without disturbing the working environment, unnecessarily alerting employees, customers, or damaging critical lending relationships. 

My client was also extremely pleased with the outcome.  We have since worked with Christiana and her team on other sensitive matters and have been equally pleased with their exemplary professionalism.

Andrew B.- Partner, International Law Firm

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