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Chris' participation on the Financial Panel: Know Your Finances - Beyond The Basics was extremely well received, with some nice comments and evaluation scores!  Many women felt her panel shared some good information and straight forward advice.  One person wrote: "Probably BEST of the day for me - amazing information that really made me think."

Sandra R., Attorney.

"I have worked with Christiana on numerous Collaborative divorce cases and in all instances have found her to be a conscientious, detail oriented and professional financial neutral. Her work with my clients has been exemplary and she has helped direct many cases to settlement through her clear explanations of complex financial issues, when they occur, and well designed charts and graphs. She has helped clients better understand their options as they plan to go forward into their newly changed lives after a divorce. I have also worked with Christiana on committees and have found her to be willing to go the extra mile to make things happen. I would not hesitate to recommend her to others who may need her financial expertise and knowledge."

Peter P., Husband

I have been working with Christiana through the divorce process.  She has provided exceptional service and at a fraction of the cost of dealing with lawyers.  Her attention to detail is excellent, and her willingness to make deadlines and meetings at short notice is much appreciated.  I have complete confidence in her abilities, and would recommend her whole heartedly to anyone seeking an alternative to traditional channels.

Laura S., Wife

Christiana was an enormous help in my divorce case.  Through her close evaluation of my husband's financial records, she helped me get a fair amount for child support without going through a slow and expensive trial.  In addition to being a very knowledgeable professional, Christiana is very personable and easy to work with.  I would highly recommend her services.

Danya G., Attorney

Christiana is the brightest and most creative financial professional I have worked with.  She works with me and the client to develop insightful and practical solutions in real time.  Her extensive background in financial disciplines best benefits the clients in a unique and constructive way.  Christiana brings a wealth of financial knowledge to the table, and her knowledge and input facilitate my effectiveness and success with my clients.

Dean C., Husband

Christiana’s work gave the judge a baseline and a concise consolidation of the estate.  She gave a fair interpretation of what was there that he could utilize to expedite the decision.  Her work allowed for less error in the decision making process so a fair and equitable settlement could be made from both sides.  My attorney had a consolidated analysis of what was necessary for him to utilize and launch his legal arguments.  This saved me over $10,000 in legal fees and over $100,000 in unsubstantiated support requests from my former wife.  A large portion of my former wife’s demands were not realistic.  Christiana’s research and expert positioning assisted my attorney in making solid arguments at trial and ultimately, we won, saving me over $500,000.  Overall, her work simplified the entire process and saved me over $600,000.  It gave me more confidence going to the court room and trial. Her work gave me peace of mind.

Barbara N., Wife

Divorce is a horrible ordeal that no one wants to go through.  In my situation I  played the role of mother and wife, and as such had no direct contact with our finances, particularly our investments, budgets, etc.  I felt frightened, confused and powerless.  My attorney recommended we make an appointment with Christiana Zouzias to assist us in creating a settlement that we both could agree with. 

My experience with Chris has been nothing but positive. Throughout the divorce process,  Chris empowered me with knowledge and confidence to understand all financial aspects and what I needed to do in order to support myself and my three teenagers.

Now that I am divorced and settling in to my single life, I can't thank Chris enough for being an integral part of my success throughout this process. I highly recommend her services.

Sandra Y., Attorney

"Chris is a great financial specialist. She is a pleasure to work with and always considers the clients' objectives first and foremost. She knows her stuff and has a great attitude for this line of work. Would definitely use again and refer to over the next several years."

Angela K.., Wife

I wish that I had followed Christiana’s advice.  She thoroughly analyzed my family’s financials.  I only had tax returns to work with and she was able to forensically analyze numerous variables and warned me that I was not being offered a fair settlement.  She encouraged me to stick to my guns and not to accept a settlement that was not fair or equitable.  I was impatient and too emotional.  My husband and attorney bullied me and I settled on $800 per month child support, no alimony, with 3 young children and a 15 year marriage.  This year, after an unfortunate set of circumstances, I was appalled to find out that she had been spot on.  Instead of the $800 of child support I was receiving, I should have been getting $3000 per month.  My children and I lost over $200,000 in just 6 years that I was legally and fully entitled to.  I wish that I had followed her advice.   

Jim L., Attorney

Christiana is a highly skilled financial neutral that I have worked with in several collaborative divorce cases. She is extremely capable of understanding and getting to the bottom of complex financial transactions. Her work output is easy to follow, and she works very well with clients. She has good instincts and is very personable. I highly recommend her." 

Linda, Wife

Kim's work was critical to the whole collaborative operation, and it was a true pleasure to work with her." 

Steven C., Husband

Kim was a tremendously valuable member of the whole team. For me, reviewing the spreadsheets and creating scenarios with her even brought some enjoyable moments to this whole process. It was great working with her." 


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