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Our company has helped our clients analyze and resolve millions of dollars in divorce settlements and other litigation matters, honestly and ethically.  Our company helps people navigate the financial aspects of divorce and maximize their settlement, while saving thousands of dollars in the process.  We give our clients the leverage they need to win. We have two goals:

  1. Optimize your divorce settlement.
  2. Minimize your divorce costs.


Our principals have over 40 years experience as financial advisors and forensic accountants, helping individuals, businesses and attorneys on their accounting, tax and litigation matters.  Our principals have been hired by Fortune 500 companies to help them identify losses, disclose business value and safeguard their assets. We unlock the mystery behind the numbers and that is invaluable to our clients.  In fact, we are so well-respected that we were hired by our state's CPA Society to teach our peers how to interview suspects and how to detect possible fraud.  Further, our litigation principal has been hired by several governmental bodies to audit units of the government and identify any misconduct or mismanagement of funds. 


How we assist in the Marital Dissolution Process:

Business Valuations

Perform limited or full business valuations utilizing the income, market and asset approaches for various industries and multiple sizes of business. 

Income Analysis

Analyze income from various sources including W-2 Earnings, K-1 and other Shareholder Income, Investment and Dividend Income, Business Income and calculate child support, unallocated support and maintenance.

Investment Analysis

Prepare multi-dimensional financial analysis, valuations and models for estates, including the analysis of numerous types of investments such as restricted stock, preferred stock, bonds, limited partnerships, investment real estate and life insurance. 

Retirement Plan/Pension Plan Analysis

Determine the present value of pension and retirement plans and analyze the various distribution options in the short and long-term.

Mediation and Collaborative Services

Convene with all parties to discuss concerns and needs of each individual, the children and the family as a whole.  Structure specialized and customized divorce financial models and divorce financial settlements that supports the needs of each party.

Marital Financial Settlement and Support

Develop asset allocation and maintenance/support scenarios to meet each party's individual current and future needs and risk tolerance. 

Analysis of Short and Long-Term Effects

Review and determine the viability of asset settlements, support options, etc. to determine if the short and long-term effects of current decisions meet the parties' needs.

Tax Consequence Analysis

Develop various tax calculations and analyze tax consequences of asset allocation and maintenance scenarios to ensure that the divorce settlement is, in fact, what the parties intended.

Projection of Inflation Rates and Rates of Return

Analyze current and historical trends to make a reasonable estimation of returns and inflation which must be incorporated into financial planning.

Cash flow Analysis

Prepare short and long-term income and cash flow analysis models, based upon asset allocation scenarios, anticipated investment return, living expenses and earnings to determine financial solvency of each party - in the short and long-term. 

Budgets and Living Expenses

Analyze current and projected future financial position of each party to ensure equitable distribution and proper future financial planning.

Dissipation of Assets

Trace the source and use of funds for basic and multi-million dollar estates, establishing the propriety of transactions.  Our financial analysis models have been successfully utilized in court to support or refute charges of dissipation.

Earnings Manipulation and Income Shifting

Investigate and analyze the activity in various accounts, financial statements and tax returns.  Analyze bank deposits, earnings, expenses and identify potentially fraudulent accounting transactions, interview key witnesses, and quantify potential  losses. 

Hidden Income and Expenses

Investigate and analyze transactions and activity tracing thousands of transactions for multiple accounts, income streams and expenditures.  Identify missing funds, unrecorded transactions and propriety of uses.

Normalization of Earnings and Expenses

Identify unusual or non-recurring earnings and expenditures to appropriately determine the actual cash flow of the business.

Other Assets

Determine the present value of various future income streams including pensions, annuities and other assets to be paid in the future.

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